Our real-time daytrade alerts enable you to be profitable throughout the day. These rigorously backtested trades based on price action trends include quick scalps and multiple hour intraday positions with an enormous reward to risk.

Swing trading

This service provides members with swing trade alerts that have a track record of success. In general, users receiveabout five to fifteen trade alerts each week. We base all our recommendations on data.

Advanced Option strategies

With our advanced option strategies, you can significantly reduce your risk. We use probabilistic models in conjunction with price action trends to provide a significant advantage over the long run.

Trading Made simple.

It's our mission to make daytrading accessible to beginners and intermediate day traders. Using TradeChefPro's discord server, we provide more than 50 high accuracy alerts every day.

  • More than 50 trades throughout the day.
  • Highly successful trades.
  • Works on mobile and web via TradeChefPro discord server.


Trade recommendations provided by a team of advisors, with emphasis on risk management.

TradeChefPro continues to redefine standard practices to meet active traders' needs.

If you want either additional confirmation for your technical analysis, or just a service to depend on for back tested trading signals, you have come to the right place. We help you be successful by providing more than 50 trades every week including put and call options, advanced option spreads, futures and equity call-outs.

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